Australian Cafe Steaks Claim to World’s Biggest Burger

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Double-quarter-pounder stomach pains draw no comparison to this recipe.

Joe El-Ajouz, owner of Ambrosia On The Spot café in Sydney, Australia, claims his burger has shattered the record for the world’s largest edition of beef on a bun. The Sydney Daily Telegraph reported on Tuesday that the restaurant’s new burger weighs in at 95.5 kg, shattering the previous Michigan/U.S. record of 84 kg. For those akin to the English system, that’s a whopping 210 pounds of cow.

A breakdown of the other burger numbers:
Ingredients — 81kg of mince, 120 eggs, 16 tomatoes, 120 cheese slices, 2kg of lettuce, 21kg of bread, 0.5 kilo of barbecue sauce
Individuals needed to flip the burger — four
Cooking time — 12 hours