Glenn Beck’s Thriller ‘The Overton Window’ Has a Book Trailer

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Glenn Beck does not act like a traditional newsman. So why should Glenn Beck release a traditional book trailer?

Beck, who has released five consecutive New York Times bestsellers, has taken time out of his busy schedule to write a thriller. To build buzz for The Overton Window — the name sounds positively Clancyan — before its June 15 release, Simon & Schuster has unveiled one of the most epic book trailers of all time.

While most book trailers are content to present small snippets of the book’s prose or evoke the feeling of the book’s setting, the trailer for The Overton Window slams viewers in the face with an ominous narrator booming forth an excerpt from a Rudyard Kipling poem while the words dance around in an apocalyptic sky. NewsFeed’s favorite part: “[T]he dog returns to his vomit / And the sow returns to her mire / And the burnt fool’s bandaged finger / Goes wabbling back to the fire.” (The poem is “The Gods of the Copybook Headings,” and it’s a favorite of The Wall Street Journal.)

The Overton Window is the story of a man can only stop a conspiracy to destroy America by bringing back the beliefs of the Founding Fathers. The man’s name is Noah Gardner, but NewsFeed suspects he was originally called ‘Ben Gleck.’

The trailer for The Overton Window is exclusive to, so head over there to watch it.