Icing: Bros Embarrassed By Drinking Smirnoff Ice

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Forget beer pong. “Icing” is the latest game to break out of the frat house.

Icing involves creatively accosting a (typically bro-ish) buddy and handing him a bottle of Smirnoff Ice, at which point he must descend to one knee and drink the “flavored malt beverage” on the spot. The game is fun because A) icing can take place anywhere and catching your friends off guard is awesome, and B) it’s super embarrassing for your friend because, dude, guys hate Smirnoff Ice.

Icing has a thriving Internet presence, fueled by Facebook, YouTube videos and the website Bros Icing Bros. The game jumped from college campuses to male-dominated offices and even celebrities. Coolio, the rapper, was recently iced while onstage (wait, does Coolio count as a bro?) and there is a website dedicated to the icing of actor Ashton Kucher.

Unfortunately, there are only two ways out of being “iced.” If someone attempts to ice you and you happen to be carrying a bottle of Smirnoff Ice already, you can “ice block” and your friend has to drop to one knee and drink. Or you could flat-out refuse, which means you will be “excommunicated and shunned” and thus never allowed to participate in the game again. It is unclear how this is a bad thing.

Obviously the anytime, anyplace idea behind the game is bound to lead to at least a few unfortunate situations. According to Facebook updates featured on College Humor, at least one icing has resulted in an open container fine and a D.U.I. arrest.  Rather than putting an end to the game though, the ice victim has vowed retaliation, giving new meaning to the term (wait for it) ‘ice-cold revenge’.