The Mystery Winner of Tuesday’s Primaries: Alvin Greene

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No money. No yard signs. No web site. And yet Alvin Greene of South Carolina wins the Democratic primary. (Via AP)

The hunt was on late Tuesday night to figure out the true identity of the man who defeated former judge and legislator Vic Rawl for the right to run against Republican U.S. Senator Jim DeMint. Even the Huffington Post put out a plea to its readers as the news came across the wires: “Do YOU know anything about Alvin Greene? Do you have any photos of him?”

All that was known about Greene in the immediate aftermath of his primary victory was that he was an unemployed military veteran. Some speculated that he had launched an ambitious ground campaign, going door to door.

But Democratic Party Chairwoman Carol Fowler said she had not seen Greene since he had initially filed papers to run. And she had another, far less inspiring rationale for his victory: Voters who did not know either candidate and opted instead to pick alphabetically.

For her part, Fowler says the unknown Greene will be a far weaker candidate against tea partier DeMint.