California Teen Sailing the Globe Feared Lost at Sea

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An ocean search has been launched for 16-year-old Abby Sunderland, the California teen who wants to be the youngest person to sail the globe.

Sunderland last made contact with her support crew this morning at 6 a.m. PDT, while in the southern part of the Indian Ocean. She reportedly activated two emergency beacons on her boat and is now feared to be lost at sea.

Though Sunderland said she dreamed of being the youngest person to sail around the world, she is not the only teen to attempt such a feat. Australian teen, Jessica Watson, recently completed a similar trip and currently holds the honor. Laura Dekker, a 14-year-old Dutch girl, has also been attempting the same trip despite it being prohibited by Dutch family court.

The obvious danger of such a trip, especially when navigated alone, has had many people wondering how young is too young? Even the Guinness World Records says they will no longer acknowledge the feat because of the danger involved.

Sunderland, who first set sail on January 23rd, had thought she was over the most difficult part of her journey. (via ABC News)