Why Does Google Have a Background?

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The search engine is looking a bit more colorful today.When you go to Google.com, be prepared for a bit of a surprise. Instead of trotting out one of its endlessly entertaining Google Doodles, the company gave its search screen an image revamp, randomly displaying one of a series of backgrounds including rolling sand dunes (which I got this morning) or another editor’s pick, comprising snapshots from National Geographic and some famous photographers like Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

According to a blog post from Google’s Marissa Mayer, the backgrounds are a one-day promotion to highlight a functionality that lets users set their own personal background for their search page. You can upload an image from your computer and link it to your Google account to greet you every time you do some Web sleuthing.

Miss plain, boring white? Click the “Remove Background Image” link in the bottom left corner, then click “Change Background Image.” In the dialogue that pops up, select “Editor’s Picks” and scroll down to the bottom for a white option.

Update: As an e-mailer points out, that link only appears if you have a Google account. If you’re not registered, you’re stuck with the background they give you. Unless, of course, you sign up. A back-door way to boost Google’s user numbers? Only if people find the backgrounds really, really annoying.