Zach Anner: Is This Internet Celebrity A Future Oprah?

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Zach Anner, the latest viral celebrity with a fondness for wigs, is saying, “Thank you, Internet!”

The hilarious Austin-native made an audition tape for Oprah’s “Your Own Show”, which is her search for the next big TV star. Submissions fall into one of five categories, with Anner’s being in the “wildcard” category, and viewers can then vote for their favorite. Anner, who has cerebral palsy –“the sexiest of the palsies”—pitched his idea for a show on traveling through all obstacles.

Anner’s video quickly went viral and has by far the most votes (more than 2.5 million!). After learning about the support for his idea, Anner followed up with another amazing video, this time thanking everyone for their support, including John Mayer (“I know that my body’s a wonderland, but I don’t know why he’d be interested in me”).


His second video only re-affirms what made his audition video so popular: Zach Anner is awesome! And considering the horde of ridiculous characters the Internet has given us in the past, this time we should be the ones saying “thank you, Internet!”

Check out the videos and then vote here.