iProblem: Apple Struggles With iPhone 4 Pre-Orders

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People love their iPhones – a little too much, in turns out. With iPhone 4 mania spiking Tuesday, Apple temporarily disconnected some callers who were trying to pre-order the newest generation of the smart phone.

“Thank you for calling Apple. Due to extremely high call volumes, we are unable to answer your call at this time.”

That was the cryptic voicemail awaiting some iPhone owners as phone traffic started to accelerate Tuesday, reports Apple Insider. ” We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try your call again later. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.”

Meanwhile, the online rush to place pre-orders led to widespread service issues. Not only was Apple’s 800-MY-APPLE number taken offline, but so was the section of Apple’s web site that determined eligibility for existing AT&T customers.

Also: The new “Apple Store” application, released on Tuesday, was sold to customers as a means of pre-ordering a new iPhone from their current iphone. But server problems led that app to crash almost immediately, just as it did AT&T’s web site.

The technical glitches have become something of a semi-annual routine at this point: The highly anticipated iPhone announcement, followed by massive first-weekend technical glitches and then persistent, ongoing network issues as each and every iPhone user attempts to jockey for space on the overwhelmed AT&T network.

Still, the American issues pale in comparison to reports of Japanese customers lining city blocks in a bid to preorder their new handheld device.

How has your pre-order experience gone? Share your stories; comment below. (via Apple Insider)