‘Touchdown Jesus’ Statue Destroyed by Lightning

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A statue of Jesus outside Monroe, Ohio, caught fire after a lightning strike on June 14 and burned to the ground.

The statue, built in 2004 and dubbed “Touchdown Jesus,” was on the grounds of the Solid Rock Church. Standing six stories high, it was named “King of Kings” but colloquially became called “Touchdown Jesus” — the arms approximate the signal a referee makes for a touchdown in football.

Early on June 15, church officials said the statue would be resurrected.

The better-known Touchdown Jesus — a mural at the University of Notre Dame — remained unscathed.

Full story via the Associated Press. Watch the YouTube video, posted by the user TalonGoddessofHell. Irony!


See more pictures of the statue here.

(video h/t to Gawker)