World Cup Fans May Be Treated to Snowfall

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With all the heat generated by the excitement of the World Cup games in South Africa, it’s easy to forget the sporting event’s wild card: cold weather

In this case, snow may be a factor in game play between England and Algeria this Friday as forecasters are predicting the white stuff for Cape Town.

But snow in June shouldn’t really be a surprise if you study your geography. South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere meaning while it’s summer here in the United States, it’s winter there. The further south of the equator you travel, the cooler it gets. Many parts of the South Africa remain temperate, but in the high-level Cape regions snow can be common — as well as cooler temperatures at night. The England-Algeria match is scheduled for an 8:30 p.m. local time start.

“It does snow here at this time of year and can get pretty cold,” Rian Smit of the South Africa Weather Service told the UK Mirror.