Meet Justin Bieber! No, Not That Justin Bieber

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Having a name doppelganger destroys your Googleability. (Don’t pretend like you’ve never searched for yourself.) But if you’re named Justin Bieber? Time to give up.

Meet the Philadelphia lawyer who shares a name with the floppy-haired singer. He says it’s definitely increased his online popularity in the last year. “I started getting 50 to 60 friend requests a week on Facebook, and all of these messages that said, ‘I love you’ or ‘I love it when you sing’ or “You’re not Justin Bieber,’” lawyer-Bieber told the Philadelphia Inquirer. Obviously, the messages were meant for the pint-sized pop star.

For now it seems like the attorney’s career is receiving a boost from the singer’s almost unfathomable fame; he credits his name for attracting several new clients to his private personal injury practice. Kudos to him for dealing with the downside of a famous name (being harassed online and the endless jokes) without enjoying any of the perks of one (free swag!). Here’s hoping his practice doesn’t falter when the teen heartthrob’s popularity inevitably does.