Did Spain Lose a World Cup Game Because of a Girlfriend?

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Halden Krog/epa/Corbis

Behind every successful man stands a woman. And apparently behind every flailing football player stands a WAG.

WAGs, the not-so-flattering-name given to football player’s wives and girlfriends, have been notoriously blamed for distracting players in major tournaments. And now, after Spain’s unexpected 1-0 loss to Switzerland on Wednesday, fans are looking for someone to blame. So rather than pointing fingers at the goalkeeper who let the critical goal in, they are instead blaming his girlfriend—for being too good-looking.

Sara Carbonero, who was named FHM’s sexiest sports reporter in the world, was at the sidelines of the fateful game and some fans are claiming that her presence was a distraction to boyfriend Iker Casillas, Spain’s captain and goalkeeper.

Gimme a break! First women are being fired for being too hot and now they are being blamed for football losses? With all of these distractions how do men even manage to get through the day? Seriously, let’s give these guys a little more credit—or at least keep the blame to those who are actually playing the game.