Perez Hilton Eager to Post the Miley Cyrus Photo Again

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The provocative blogger doesn’t see anything wrong with what he did. In fact, he thinks this whole scandal is your fault: “I can’t help it if America has a dirty imagination.”

It was less than a week ago that the whole spectacle erupted. Perez Hilton tweeted a link to a photo that showed an exposed but pixellated Miley Cyrus, stepping out of a car. The Internet erupted, with some people wondering if Hilton had not just posted a nude photo of a 17-year-old.

The charge of child pornography was made in some corners.

The following day, Perez said the photo was effectively a hoax – that underneath all the fuzzy pixels, there was no nudity to be found. It was a claim that might clear up the legal issues, but hardly any of the ethical implications.

So on Thursday night, Perez went on the Joy Behar Show – not to defend or explain, but to adamantly pronounce once and for all that he had done nothing wrong. And that he would do it all again.

“I really do wish I could post that picture [on my website] because a lot of people … are getting upset over an image they didn’t see … It’s definitely not child pornography and it’s definitely not illegal,” Hilton said.

More than just “not illegal,” Hilton said his actions were justified, given Miley Cyrus’s recent provocative behavior: “It’s not showing anything inappropriate. It’s not doing anything worse than what Miley’s been doing recently … She’s been in the business for a long time and she’s aware that there are paparazzi around. She should be careful about how she exits a car.”

Sources told E! News earlier Thursday that the Cyrus family would likely not be moving forward in requesting any criminal charges. So with prison time apparently out of the picture, now Perez is back to the old showbiz mantra: Any news is good news. And apparently any celebrity is fair game for the paparazzi – at any time, in any position.

And at any age.