Lady Gaga’s Month of Baseball Bedlam

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A new dimension to the New York baseball rivalry: which team will inspire the most media-attention grubbing from Gaga?

Lady Gaga created some controversy on June 10 when she attended a New York Mets’ game and flipped off photographers. Apparently her (over)reaction was because she wanted to go unrecognized at the game—despite wearing only a leather studded bra and underwear.

Then, just over a week later, she was at it again at the Yankees’ game against the Mets. Wearing a loose-fitting Yankees’ jersey—and little else—Gaga, along with two friends, cavorted for cameras and then headed to the Yankees’ clubhouse where they reportedly caused more of a commotion. The scene even caused reports that the pop star was banned from the clubhouse in the future—harsh punishment for someone who claims to be a lifelong Yankees’ fan.

Fortunately for Gaga the reports turned out to be false—she’s not banned from the clubhouse, General Manager Brian Cashman reportedly told the Daily News.

Unfortunately for Yankees’ or Mets’ fans, this could mean more spectacles in the future.