Oil Spill Kills Off the Romantic Beach Wedding

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AP Photo/Michael Spooneybarger

We know the fisherman and the rig workers are hurting in the Gulf states. But who’s looking out for the wedding DJ?

The AP reports on how the oil spill has caused brides to call off their beach weddings. It’s understandable that no one wants a white dress stained brown with crude, or guests high-stepping over tar balls to get to the ceremony, but it’s another segment of the economy that’s depressed, particularly in the Florida panhandle.

“It’s hurting everyone from the ministers to the people who put the chairs out on the beach,” June Watkins, a Florida minister, told the AP.

Some brave couples are forging ahead — the AP found one who plans to hold their wedding in September “no matter what,” with guests donating money to the gulf recovery effort.

But if the oil spill continues unabated, there may be fewer weddings too. After all, who wants to take long walks on oil-slicked and tar ball-covered beaches? BP: killing romance for the past two months.