Jack Abramoff: Pizza Power Broker

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From policy-influencer to prison – and now pepperoni. One-time lobbyist turned convicted felon Jack Abramoff has found a new line of work—at a pizzeria.

The former Washington lobbyist worked closely with the George W. Bush administration and reportedly had influence on a number of important decisions, before he was convicted in 2006 for fraud, tax evasion and bribing public officials.

Released from prison this month to a halfway house, he is now working a six-month stint at Tov Pizza in Baltimore, Maryland. The disgraced Abramoff—who once said, “my name is the butt of a joke, the source of a laugh and the title of a scandal,”—will be working in various areas in the restaurant, including the marketing side of the business, according to the Baltimore Jewish Times.

No word yet on whether Tov plans on doing any lobbying.

Tov owner Ron Rosenbluth said he’s happy to give Abramoff the opportunity to try to turn his life around. And after all the scandal and sentencing, it’s nice to see that someone is willing to help Abramoff make an (oven?) fresh start. (Too easy!) (via the Guardian)