Screen Problems for the iPhone 4?

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REUTERS/Paul Hackett

Early adopters, beware: Gizmodo says users are reporting problems on the slick new displays for the iPhone 4.

According to the blog, some 27 users have reported in with yellow bands or spots on the iPhone’s Retina screen when they power on Apple’s latest creation for the first time. One user on the site named Chandler came up with a fix for the problem:

“I saw where there are reported cases of this issue. Mine has it too. I was able to temporarily fix it by putting the iPhone over an air vent, and putting the top of the box over it to direct airflow to the iPhone. It went away for about 5 minutes. Then slowly but surely came back.”

How convenient! Though Apple is promising to replace any affected phones, it’s an unfortunate blemish on the new phone’s launch day. (via Gizmodo)

Update: Over at Engadget, a possible explanation: the yellow spots may come from a bonding agent used in the iPhone production process that should evaporate in time. At least according to an anonymous poster on an Apple forum.