Google Maps Catches A Glimpse of Horse Boy

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If you click on the Street view function on Google Maps for a quiet street in Aberdeen, Scotland you can get a glimpse of suburbia: tree lined streets, comfortable stone houses, a horse boy.

That’s right, a horse boy. Apparently the cameras for Google Maps captured a man wearing a horse head mask while gathering images for their street view. Now that a few news organizations have caught wind of it, everyone wants to know: who the heck is this guy?

The BBC is reporting that they’ve received dozens of e-mails from people claiming to know who horse boy is. So far, however, horse boy has yet be confirmed but similar sightings have taken place in other locations around Europe.

The image is equal parts creepy and hilarious. While it’s not the first time an unexpected scene has been captured by the Google Maps crew, it may be one of the most bizarre. At least horse boy has more originality than these two clowns.