Why Chipotle Wants Your Junk E-Mail

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Is Chipotle healthy or not? While NewsFeed would say ‘definitely not,’ the burrito franchise is working hard to establish its good-for-you bonafides. To that end, the company wants you to forward them your spam e-mails — for charity!

Though a traditional Chipotle burrito contains around 1,000 calories and more fat, sodium and cholesterol than the KFC Double Down, the company is trying to get consumers to focus on the steps it takes to make its tasty food behemoths not completely awful for you: using locally- and organically-grown produce, and meat raised naturally and without growth hormones. To implant that message in minds across America, the franchise today launched the “No Junk” campaign, in which Chipotle fans can forward their annoying junk email to the company (at nojunk@chipotlejunk.com.)

NewsFeed doesn’t want to mock Chipotle too much, however, as the campaign could have an actual, positive impact: For every 100,000 emails received, the company will donate $10,000* to The Lunch Box, a nonprofit that helps schools implement healthy lunches. As long as The Lunch Box doesn’t feed the kids Chipotle, NewsFeed approves! (via MediaPost)

*Also, the pledge only goes up to 500,000 emails, which means Chipotle will donate $50,000 maximum. Canny, Chipotle, canny.