Airline Makes 10-Year-Old Throw Away Pet Turtle

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For most airline passengers, the security signs are rather straightforward: No lighters, no liquids, and no objects capable of laceration (that includes tweezers people). But ten-year-old Carly Helm was singled out for a carry-on item that was something far more personal: Her pet turtle. (via WEWS News)

While heading home to Milwaukee from Atlanta last week, Helm boarded her AirTran flight, pet turtle in hand.  But the flight was forced to return to the gate, at which point Helm and her two sisters were instructed to “get rid of” the turtle if they wished to re-board the aircraft.

The girls’ idea of riddance was to throw the turtle in the garbage. Carly and sisters appeared on the Today Show last week, claiming they were forced to toss the turtle in the trash.

Luckily, Helm was reunited with her pet turtle two days later.  An AirTran ramp supervisor was responsible for the rescue, and according to Rebecca Helm, her sister is “very happy to have the turtle back.”