The Baffling 2204355 Google Search: What Does It Mean?

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You may or may not have noticed that when you type in 2204355 into Google and hit the I’m Feeling Lucky button this inexplicably happens.

Blogs and online forums are going on about how hilarious and awesome the chicken eating, dancing man is (is it really, though?) and someone has already snagged a 2204355 domain name and twitter handle. But so far there are no answers as to why this happens or what it means.

NewsFeed is completely mystified by the meaning behind the video and, sadly, it’s not the first time the Internet has left us baffled (looking at you, Badger Badger viral video).

Is it just a random meme that means nothing, thereby making it awesome? Or is there some meaning that will only be revealed once the video is everywhere? Or is it meant to confuse everyone into thinking it’s something significant when it’s actually not, thereby making everyone feel stupid? We just don’t know!

Well played, Internet, well played.