Deathly Hallows Trailer: Epic, With a Side of Awesome

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The first official trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been released, giving fanatics something to obsess over until November, when the first of two films is released. (via Techland)

This trailer has it all: dramatic music, sweeping scenery shots and a goosebump-inducing face-off between Harry and Voldemort. We get all the drama, and then we learn the final book in the series will be presented in two movies, with Part 1 released this November and Part 2 released in July 2011. Potter fans still have a whole year until they drown their sorrows in butterbeer at Universal Studios Orlando.

Though Techland calls the trailer “epic,” they wonder why it gives away so much plot from the second half of the book, which will presumably be in Part 2. But honestly, most Potter fans have read the books enough to avoid the need for a spoiler alert.