Dove’s “Real Beauty” Campaign: Seeking Models Only?

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Dove, the company that’s been applauded for its “Real Beauty” campaign, where regular women (read: not models) of all shapes and sizes are used in their advertisements, might not be as inclusive as they would have us believe.

Jezebel writes about a Craigslist ad–that has since been removed–for a New York casting call in conjunction with the company’s next ad campaign. Most notable are the reality-defying requirements listed for incoming talent.

Among the list of traits the company is reportedly looking for:

-flawless skin

-no scars

-no tattoos

-nice bodies

-not too curvy

-beautiful hair and skin is a MUST

It would seem that Dove defines ‘real’ as women who aren’t “actresses/models or reality show participants,” but who still fit the same stereotypical mold.

Good marketing hook, Dove, but bad follow-through. (via Jezebel)