Fast Facts: The Curious Case of Alleged Russian Spy Anna Chapman

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Anna Chapman and four others stood before a federal court yesterday, facing charges of conspiring to act as “unregistered agents of a foreign government.” Here are some quick facts about Chapman, who has curiously become the most discussed of this group of alleged Russian spies.

  • 28 years old, Divorced from a husband who lives in the United Kingdom
  • Chapman says she founded an online real estate company now worth $2 million.
  • Authorities say she and the other accused spies often worked in pairs, posing as married couples to blend in.
  • Along with the other alleged spies, she is accused of using old-school techniques like invisible ink, false identities and coded radio transmissions. (via CBS News)
  • She was caught when FBI agents posed as Russian agents and met with her and Mikhail Semenko, giving each one a delivery to make. Semenko made the delivery, but Chapman did not. (via ABC News)
  • Chapman was arrested in Manhattan this past Sunday night, after meeting with an undercover FBI agent.
  • The New York Daily News has a photo gallery with pictures of Chapman, many taken from Facebook.

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