Britney Beats Madonna on Forbes Power List, Gaga the Highest New Entry

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Oprah made numero uno on Forbes Magazine’s celebrity power list, knocking last year’s pole position winner, Angelina Jolie, right down to number 18…No surprises there. The real shocker was Britney Spears who came in at number 6, before U2, Sandra Bullock and Madonna. Really, Forbes? (via Forbes)

Head-shaving, hip-thrusting Britney is going to share power space with Ms. Winfrey? That really came out of left field!

According to Forbes, her comeback is thanks to her 2009 Circus tour, which netted her a cool $130 million. And for the first time ever, Forbes looked at social media presence to determine star power too, so although Britney’s been pretty quiet on the TV/Press front, her nearly 5-million strong followers on Twitter, brought her up to #2 on the social rank.

Still…Britney? Yep, ladies and gentlemen, Forbes says “the public expects Spears to stay in the spotlight for good.” Now, there’s a thought that makes us shudder!

Some other re-entries on the list: Avatar director James Cameron comes in at #3, recently-divorced Sandra Bullock leaped from 92 to eight and Johnny Depp jumped up to number 9.

Limelight-hog Lady Gaga made the highest new entry by landing right on #4. What a mixed bag! We also had fallen-from-grace star Tiger at #5 and Madonna at # 10. Bet Madonna wishes power could be spread through lip-locks, what if she and Britney go for an encore makeout session?! (Double shudder!)

We’re still scratching our heads whether to make it to the top ten, you need to be a media-whore a la Britney and Gaga, a do-gooder like Oprah and Beyonce, or play the sympathy card like Sandra Bullock? Maybe just be a plain dog like Tiger Woods?

I wonder what Oprah’s thinking, sharing her limelight with Britney and Tiger? Maybe that’ll cause an earl(ier) retirement for the big O…