Sex in Space: Houston, Let’s Get It On

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Houston, we have lift off.

NASA/Index Stock/Corbis

Well, talk about joining the mile high club.

Plenty of odd things have happened in space. Animals have taken flight, the Hubble Telescope has captured photos of mindbending light shows, and our interstellar adventures have sparked more than a few flying saucer tales.

But in Low Earth Orbit, we now know of one thing that isn’t happening.

There’s apparently no sex allowed on the International Space Station. At least that’s what Alan Poindexter, a NASA commander, would have us believe. “We are a group of professionals,” he said. “Personal relationships are not … an issue. We don’t have them and we won’t.” (In other sex news: King Tut’s penis is missing)

There’s no word, though, on how many astronauts may have wanted to. And you know what happens when you tell people they can’t do something…

Think about it: These are people who (a) spend months crammed together in a confined space and (b) like to experiment with science and mechanics — surely, they must be curious about how sex in zero gravity would work. Call it the final frontier of human anatomy.

So one question remains: Your habitation module or mine?

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