Verizon to Offer iPhone by January: Rumors True This Time?

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Don’t hold your breath for too long, Verizon fans. But Bloomberg reports that Verizon will start carrying the iPhone starting in January. Is the report true, or just yet another Verizon iPhone rumor? (via Techland)

Verizon iPhone reports are a dime a dozen, with rumors surfacing constantly that Apple will let its exclusive contract with AT&T run out. But this one, supported by a news organization like Bloomberg, is spreading around the Internet like wildfire.

Fortune notes that if Verizon did get the iPhone, Apple would sell around 12 million new units, making the smartphone that much more ubiquitous. It would also provide major competition for Google, whose Android mobile operating system has been heavily promoted by Verizon. Either way, stocks shot up for Verizon and Apple based on rumors alone, so maybe dropping a few hints couldn’t hurt business.