13-Year-Old Launches Fashion Line. Madonna’s 13-Year-Old

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What ever Lola wants, Lola gets. And in the case of Madonna’s little girl, that would be a career as a fashion designer.

Madonna is putting out a junior fashion line called (what else?) Material Girls to be released August 3 at Macy’s and her daughter, Lourdes Leon, as the line’s Creative Director reportedly helped design most of the looks. (Wonder if Lourdes reads The Sartorialist, one of TIME’s Best Blogs.)

Lola (as she’s called by her family) blogged on the clothing line’s website that the looks will be 80s-inspired and luckily “the 80’s are another huge obsession of mine.” (Note: it’s also the era her mother is most famous for. Coincidence?).

Did we forget to mention that Lola is 13? She wasn’t even a zygote in the 80’s!

Now NewsFeed is by no means ageist—just because she’s young doesn’t disqualify her from having real talent. Fashion blogger Tavi is only 13 and she rocks! And the line could do really well. But in this case it’s likely that Lola’s design talent is really just riding on the fame coattails of her mother, who in turn seems like she’s using her daughter’s youth to give her junior line credibility.

Don’t get us wrong; we actually aren’t against Lola as a celebrity child. In fact, she’s on the best end of the spectrum seeing as how she hasn’t been shoved in the media’s face since birth, the way the Jolie-Pitt army has.

But it’s bad enough that celebrities feel that their fame is enough of a prerequisite to design clothing. Now, their children are getting in on it? Is there some talent to fame proximity ratio we don’t know about?

What’s next, a handbag line by Suri Cruise? (We shouldn’t even joke).