Is Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife Really Getting $700 Million?

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There isn’t much known about the details of the divorce settlement between Tiger Woods and estranged wife Elin Nordegren, but there’s lots of rumors swirling that she just may get herself broke off swell (sic) in a $700 million payoff. (via People)

PEOPLE magazine is reporting that Woods handlers are offering Nordegren more and more in settlement amounts – somewhere in the neighborhood of $700 million – all contingent on her keeping her mouth shut. (See the iconic photos of the Tiger Woods scandal)

But she’s so far turned her nose up at any confidentiality clauses. But it’s really not about that, sources told the magazine. She’s just got her own set of demands. For example, with child custody, she wants there to be a rule that Woods doesn’t keep female company when he’s got them.

Now none of this has actually been confirmed, so we’ll have to wait for official sources to come out publicly to give us the real skinny.