Of Course This Exists: Countdown Until Justin Bieber Turns 18

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©Scott Weiner/Retna

Just in case you need to know, when NewsFeed first posted this, there were exactly 608 days, 15 hours, 23 minutes and 5 seconds remaining until Justin Bieber turns 18. Give or take a few seconds. Apparently there is a need for this information on the Internet.

BuzzFeed uncovered a site dedicated to counting down until Bieber is legal. We really, really hope this is supposed to be ironic. 

When you go to the page, located at countdowntiljustinbieberturns18.com, the site looks broken. The countdown timer loads slowly, and the formatting seems off. And if you turn the volume up, Bieber’s song “Baby” plays in the background. The site, in general, is a flashback to old-school Geocities sites. So it’s either a fan’s first shot at web design, or someone trying to be funny.

Update: In fact, there’s two Bieber countdown sites…feel free to go here too.

The last time in recent memory when celebrities have received such a countdown was back when the Olsen twins were under 18. It’s no less creepy when the object of affection is male, especially since Bieber tends to look younger than his years. For everyone’s sanity – let’s just be aware that Bieber is 16, and leave it at that. He’s off-limits, creeps. (Until he’s 18, just look at pictures of him.)