Snuggie + Sex = Snuggie Sutra?

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The Snuggie Sutra

It was bound to happen. Sex is popular. Snuggies are popular. Why not put the two together?

What is Snuggie sutra you say? It’s sex positions, much like Kama Sutra, except that it incorporates the Snuggie, that loveable, wearable plush blanket with sleeves. Or, as the authors say, “it’s an illustrated guide to sexual positions that are both erotic and warm.”

From the Snuggie Sutra website:

“You know how it is. You and your lover are in bed, eager to engage … but the blankets get tangled. Or tossed aside. She gets cold. …┬áThere’s never been a solution to having sex while avoiding a chill. Until the Snuggie.”

There’s a plethora of brilliantly-named suggestions: (warning some images feature stick people doing IT) the banana split, the manket and the cuddly puppy.

If the website isn’t enough for you, there’s also a book that will be out September 2010.

Speaking of sex: Did you know astronauts aren’t allowed to have any? And, King Tut’s penis is missing…whaaaa?!