McDonald’s: Out With the Big ‘N Tasty, In With…Oatmeal?

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REUTERS/Finbarr O'Reilly

Fans of McDonald’s Big ‘N Tasty and Mac Snack Wraps, get them while you can: McDonald’s is phasing them out of its menu. In its place – healthy(ish) food. But are they motivated by health, or money? Take a wild guess.

Just in time for us to gorge ourselves this Fourth of July weekend, Crain’s Chicago Business obtained a memo from McDonald’s that announced the retiring of the Mac Snack Wrap and the Big ‘N Tasty. Since the Mac Snack Wrap was just a Big Mac in a tortilla and the Big ‘N Tasty was basically a Whopper, you’re not missing that much.

In an attempt to keep up with Starbucks, this January McDonald’s will also introduce oatmeal, which actually sounds pretty tasty – it’s topped with cranberries, apples and raisins and blended with cream. It’s already for sale, for $1.99, in test markets like Washington D.C. and Baltimore. Frappes and smoothies will also be official menu items in about two weeks. Yet for all the talk that McDonald’s is trying to be healthy, they’re also phasing out their fruit and walnut salad.

Want to change their mind about the Big ‘N Tasty? Go buy tons of them – McDonald’s mainly cut the items because they didn’t sell well. (At least they’re avoiding talking about putting toys in their Happy Meals.)