Is Justin Bieber Going to North Korea? You Have Nine Hours to Decide

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John A. Angelillo/Corbis

Every now and then there is a rare moment when you, dear Internet-user, get to decide the course of history.

As of now there is only nine and a half hours until Justin Bieber’s fate is sealed. The tween sensation andĀ Internet-born pop star went back to his YouTube roots and let his fans decide where in the world he would take his first-ever headline tour. On his My World Tour page, fans can vote for absolutely any country they want Bieber to tour. (See where Bieber stacks up against Facebook’s most popular celebrities)

While fans still have several hours to vote, it looks like North Korea may have the vote on lockdown. That’s thanks to a 4chan prank that gave the secret, Communist-led country has nearly 600,000 votes, besting Israel by a couple thousand ballots. (And, this is not the first time Bieber was hit by a 4chan prank. Last month, the site urged users to search for the term “Justin Bieber syphilis” pushing it to the top of Google Trend’s hot searches list.)

As the BBC says, given the fact that almost all North Korean citizens are not allowed to surf the Net, it is unlikely any of the votes came from inside the restrictive nation.

While it’s doubtful that Bieber will be allowed to take his song “One Less Lonely Girl” on the road to Pyongyang, it’s fun to speculate what the Supreme Leader would do if confronted by Bieber and his bevy of screaming teenage girl fans. Nothing has been out of reach for Kim Jong-il, who has claimed to have invented invisible cell phones and scored a 38 under par in golf (making him the best golfer of all-time). Perhaps Kim will claim he was the one who really drafted Bieber’s hit “Baby” (as comedian Aziz Ansari jokingly claimed) or that Bieber’s famed hairstyle was inspired by none other than his own rather amazingĀ bouffant.