Bad Romance: Lady Gaga Fans Rush to Buy Dangerous Contact Lenses

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It’s not the weirdest thing that Lady Gaga has ever worn, but it might be the most dangerous (with maybe one exception).

Gaga’s look from her video for “Bad Romance” is being mimicked by fans who want the huge, wide-eyed, doll look for themselves—achievable by using contact lenses that are reportedly dangerous.[youtube=]

Circle lenses, which are contact lenses that cover the entire iris and part of the whites of the eye, help Gaga-wannabes achieve the creepy look although they are illegal in the U.S. But like mostly everything else in the world, they are available cheaply online. (See photos of Lady Gaga fans.)

The FDA has warned that any contacts that aren’t properly fitted by a doctor could cause serious damage and there is even the risk of blindness.

Hmmm, bizarre and risky? Sounds like a Gaga trend for sure; but definitely not one worth copying.