Baseball Horror: Fan Falls 50 Feet Reaching For Foul Ball

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One only needs to see the reaction shots to sense just how horrific the scene was Tuesday: A baseball fan plummeted 50 to 60 feet last night, falling from the upper deck of Rangers stadium as he reached for a foul ball.

It seemed like a routine foul ball in the Texas Rangers-Cleveland Indians match-up. So routine, in fact, that the television cameras didn’t even cut away to film the ball’s landing in the crowd, staying focused instead on Ranger player Nelson Cruz, readying for the next pitch. But as the umpire and the batter looked over to make sure that the foul ball was out of play (0:11 in the clip below), their shocked reactions tell the story: A man reached over the edge of the upper deck club level to retrieve the ball, and fell two levels.

The game was stopped for 15 minutes, as the spectator was stabilized, loaded on to a stretcher and hauled off to the hospital.

Four other fans were injured in the incident – presumably fans that broke the fall.