“Octopus Oracle” Paul: Actually Psychic?

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REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay

An octopus correctly predicted the outcomes of all six of Germany’s World Cup games. So when do we have to start worshiping him as our leader?

NewsFeed last checked in on the “octopus oracle” when he predicted Spain would beat Germany in the semifinal. Guess what? Spain won. This means Paul has not been wrong once for the whole World Cup – much to Germans’ dismay yesterday.

The probability of the octopus guessing right every single time is less than five percent. Which means that Paul is either extremely lucky, or extremely psychic.

No word on whether Paul will make a prediction for the final, but he seems to specialize in games involving Germany, so don’t hold your breath. For the record, TIME’s World Cup blog says you should ignore the squid and bet on Spain.