Ethics Quiz: What Do You Do When 2 Million Euros Spill on the Highway?

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I’m willing to bet you all thought the only place you’d find money flowing through the streets would be either in a bad lottery commercial, or a Lucky Charms ad.  Well think again! (via BBC)

This past Monday, while most Americans were still barbecuing, a truck transporting over two million Euros in coins just about capsized on a highway in southern Italy sending millions cascading down the road.

The incident occurred en route from the city of Cesena to a bank in Bari.  Upon passing the scene, Italian motorists behaved the way any rationalists would: Risk their lives and loot the cash!

Police in Foggia claim it was “impossible to establish how much money had been stolen.”  But estimates indicate approximately 10,000 Euros were taken.

Now, it’s hard to assess what exactly is the more astonishing fact about the story: That 10,000 Euros were stolen from an Italian highway, or that ONLY 10,000 Euros, out of two million (that’s half a percent people) were stolen from an Italian highway.  To this I say, Brava Italia!

For every one of those motorists who participated in the Lucky Charms esc charade, there seem to have been even more who refrained. Regardless, the incident is bound to go down as epic.  How often does money fall from above…literally?