Would Sarah Palin Be a Better RNC Head Than Michael Steele?

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AP Photo/Don Heupel, File

CBS News hears “talk in GOP circles” that Sarah Palin ought to replace Michael Steele to run the Republican National Committee. Would she be a good pick – and would she even want to do it?

Though the report seems dubious at this point, the “talk” does make sense – Steele has recently come under fire for criticizing the war in Afghanistan, and has proven gaffe-prone in general.

And on paper, picking Palin makes sense. She’s a top GOP fundraiser, speaks at Tea Party events and stumps for Republican candidates.

The problem? She’s too divisive. Though 40 percent of people have a favorable opinion of Palin, 51 percent dislike her. Plus, Palin is raking in dough giving speeches and writing books, so the position wouldn’t be too lucrative for her.

CBS concedes that Steele, despite criticism, is probably here to stay. But because of his unorthodox ways, many Republicans have worked around him to make sure the party runs smoothly. Perhaps roping in Palin wouldn’t be too unreasonable.