Dan Gilbert’s Rage, Chapter Two: Slashing LeBron’s Fathead Value

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DUOMO/ Paul J. Sutton/ Corbis

LeBron James’ decision to join the Miami Heat did little to improve his market worth in one wacky sports product.

So, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert heard the news. Step 1: Write a letter to Cavs fans blasting the “self-titled former king“. Step 2: Slash prices of James fatheads, a company that Gilbert also happens to own.

If you haven’t found the Benjamin in your pocket to purchase a $99.99 6-foot-8 sticker for your bedroom wall, rest assured. The Detroit News reports that James fatheads in a Cavaliers uniform have been lowered to an amazing $17.41 bargain.

How did Gilbert come up with that Wal-Mart-shaped number? The News postulates that it may have something to do with world history – 1741, the year that Benedict Arnold, a famous Americans-to-British Revolutionary-War traitor, was born.

If this analogy truly fits, when will Gilbert and the Cavs declare their independence from the Heat and other oppressive NBA rulers?