In Squid We Trust: Spain to Win World Cup?

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Paul the Octopus

REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay

The “octopus oracle” is back at it, predicting that the Netherlands will fall to Spain in the World Cup final. Plus, he gives an exclusive interview to TIME! (via TIME’s World Cup blog)

Yesterday, NewsFeed assumed Paul would sit this one out, since the game didn’t involve Germany. We were wrong — and this time, he prognosticated Spain’s victory in the final, agreeing with TIME’s World Cup experts. Check out the video below. (And then check out photos from the World Cup.)


In an exclusive chat with TIME, Paul reveals his regret for correctly predicting Spain’s victory over Germany:

Between us, I’m fighting for my frickin’ life here. I’ve read reports that there were calls over here for me to be roasted with lemon juice and olive oil or even turned into a plate of paella. Don’t get me wrong: I can smile at the irony of the paella scenario. But it doesn’t mean I want to end up on someone’s plate. I will never go against Germany again.

Read more of Paul’s candid thoughts (really, he is quite eloquent for an octopus) on TIME’s World Cup blog.