Social Network Trailer: Status Update Edition

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Sony Pictures and YouTube’s relationship? It’s complicated.

After briefly premiering Thursday morning on YouTube, a second trailer for the Sony Pictures movie about Facebook (The Social Network) was abruptly and mysteriously removed. Which left pundits wondering: Was it a fake? A fan trailer?

Turns out that the trailer—a series of dramatic and fast-paced “status updates” between characters in the movie—was genuine, but prematurely leaked to YouTube before its intended debut, a source told TIME. The release of the trailer was supposed to coincide with the announcement later Thursday that the film was selected to open the New York Film Festival.

And yes, now that that’s been announced, you can once again behold the latest Social Network footage.


The movie, which will debut at the festival on September 24, is hotly anticipated. The first trailer, posted a week ago, has already been viewed 326, 913 times.

And that’s just on YouTube.

– By Ella Quittner