Would You Buy Wine From A Vending Machine?

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All hail automation: It would seem vending machines are the new sales clerks as more and more products are sold via imposing glass box.  Stocked inside we’re accustomed to seeing snacks, sodas, and, occasionally electronic gadgets of some sort.  But this week, Pennsylvanians took the concept one step further, unveiling wine bottle vending machines! (via MSNBC)

Here’s how it works:  Step one; swipe your driver’s license.  Step two, blow into a breath sensor.  Step three, smile into a surveillance camera.  Your image will then be transmitted to a state employee who will electronically authorize your purchase.

Now there’s an interesting career search on Craigslist: Enter Big Brother/Cyber Bouncer.

But despite the apparent abnormality of this concept, it appears Pennsylvanians are taking well to this new and novel shopping experience.  Liquor Board Chairman Patrick Stapleton declared in a recent statement that the machines represent “an added level of convenience in today’s busy society”.

Are we so busy that we can’t walk to a shelf?  Apparently so…  But the question on my mind however is what implications this might have on underage drinking?  Who needs a fake ID when all you’d need is your big sister’s license and a hat?