Scott Brown Draws Facebook Ire With Financial Reform Support

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REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Remember when being a “maverick” was considered a positive? Scott Brown tried to cross party lines, and all he got were angry Republican voters. (via Swampland)

Brown, the relatively-new Republican senator from Massachusetts, announced his decision to vote for financial reform, siding with the Democrats. He previously voted with the left on a jobs bill as well. Swampland weighs in:

For all the talk of being the “41st Senator” (thus denying the Democrats their supermajority), Scott Brown sure has a knack for delivering numero 60 for Harry Reid and Co. in a pinch.

Since Brown received major Tea Party support during his campaign, his recent votes could come as a surprise to those who voted for him. Maybe “surprise” is too weak of a word. How about “rage?” Check out some comments from his Facebook fan page:

“Your voting record does not support your claim of being a fiscal conservative. Iif you support this finance reform bill, it will be another disapointment. Mr. Brown, you no longer have my support as a voter.”

“Scott…you now look like the man you replaced. You need to identify yourself as you are…a RINO [Republican In Name Only].”

“Are you trying to get that basketball match with Obama? I do not see any motivation for anyone who pretends to be conservative to vote for this bill.”

Scott Brown, Champion of the Democratic Agenda – Swampland