Costly Comic Sans: Gilbert to Pay $100,000 For Pleasure of Mocking LeBron

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REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk

Dan Gilbert just can’t catch a break.

Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, got a little angry when his star player, LeBron James, decided to play for the Miami Heat. He subsequently wrote an open letter on his team’s website that got, well, heated. The note went viral for its melodramatic mood swings and its strikingly happy font, Comic Sans. Then, reportedly, he decided to sell LeBron fatheads for $17.41, the year Benedict Arnold was born.

Aside from losing LeBron and being repeatedly mocked on the Internet, Gilbert is now out $100,000. That’s because NBA Commissioner David Stern has fined him for his rage-filled rant. Stern told CNN that Gilbert’s words, “though understandable, were ill-advised and imprudent.”

To get his mind off basketball and money-related woes, ESPN suggests Gilbert get a hobby. Might we suggest typography lessons?