Alaska Lovin’: Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Announce Engagement

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Brooks Kraft/Corbis

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Sarah Palin’s daughter announced her engagement with long-time love interest (and some-time Palin family antagonist) Levi Johnston.

The love story of Bristol and Levi is a complicated one. The couple announced their engagement once before, shortly after news of Bristol’s pregnancy broke after her mom was tapped to be the Republican vice presidential nominee for 2008. But the couple broke up after losing the election, and Johnston became a D-list celebrity in his own right, blasting the Palin family and posing semi-nude for Playgirl. (See photos of Bristol and Levi’s rocky relationship history.)

But now, the stormy romance seems to have reached calmer waters again — even without Mama Bear’s approval. “We got engaged two weeks ago,” the 19-year-old Bristol told Us Weekly. “It felt right, even though we don’t have the approval of our parents.”

The duo has a son, Tripp, and tells the magazine they reunited while figuring out custody for the 18-month-old boy. The announcement garnered the cover of this week’s issue of the celebrity magazine.