Want to Break a Guinness World Record? Lose the Clothing

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Image Source/Corbis

Attention: If you are a Guinness Record hopeful and are hopelessly inept, we’ve found an event for you. Assuming you’re willing to bare it all.

It’s called simultaneous skinny-dipping. Unfortunately, you’ve missed your opportunity for participation this year, but with backing from the AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) you may have another chance at this, now annual, event.

Tens of thousands of participants assembled at over one hundred locations across the United States and Canada on Saturday, aiming to break the world record in the second annual Guinness World Records “Skinny Dip Across North America”. The objective was to exceed last year’s record of 13,468 dippers.

The event was coordinated to coincide with the AANR’s Nude Recreation Week (July 5-11) and was attended by participants of all ages (over 18). “When you shed your clothes”, claim the AANR, “you shed the stress of every day life”.

Was the record broken? Well, the official count has not yet been released. But to satisfy any skinny dipping curiosity in the interim, here’s an interesting detail… as it turns out, Ben Franklin, John Quincy Adams, and Theodore Roosevelt are three of our country’s most notorious and notable skinny-dippers. It’s just too bad it was in the pre-Guinness era.