Get Dressed in the Morning? You Deserve a Vacation

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Simon Jarratt/Corbis

A German police officer found an unorthodox way to request more vacation: complaining about the time it takes to get dressed.

What sounds like a joke become official law yesterday in Germany. A 44-year old police officer told a court it took him 15 minutes each day to don his regulation uniform. Because he doesn’t get paid for that time, he argued, he should get an extra week of vacation. “If my shift starts at 1pm, say, I’m expected to be completely fitted out by then, including my pistol, handcuffs and reserve weapon, otherwise I face being cautioned”, he said.

Unbelievable but true: The court ruled in his favor. And now there is no end in sight: Now, more than 1,120 police officers also want to fight for an extra week of vacation.

So print out this article, show it to your boss and tell him: I want to get an extra week of vacation – for getting dressed, buying clothes or putting on makeup… You’ll find enough reasons. (via the Guardian)

Rick Noack