Minor League Baseball Team Fulfills Alvin Greene’s Action-Figure Dream

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Alvin Greene

Mary Ann Chastain / AP

It may have been the single stupidest thing Greene ever said. But the Charleston RiverDogs were listening.

Come Saturday, Greene’s dream of his own action figures will become reality. The AP reports that New York Yankees’ single-A minor-league affiliate will be giving out male Statue-of-Liberty figurines, with Greene’s face on them.

Why Lady Liberty plus the Democratic darkhorse? The RiverDogs’ original promotion was centered on a Georgia company’s idea to build a male partner for the Statue of Liberty in South Carolina. But when the franchise heard Greene’s pilot for his toy dolls boosting South Carolina’s sluggish economy, it was sold on the new notion.

“Who better epitomizes the American dream that anything is possible than Mr. Greene?” RiverDogs General Manager Dave Echols told the AP.

As for Greene’s reaction, he had no advance knowledge of the Saturday surprise: “As long as it looks good and is in good nature, I’m OK.”