Twilight Fans Demand Temporary ‘Fangs’

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Tim Garcha/Corbis

The latest fad Twilight can claim credit for inspiring…‘Vampire Veneers’.

Dentists across the US maintain that they are experiencing ‘a surge in young patients who want temporary vampire-style fangs installed’.  How? By seemingly elongate the canines by attaching veneers to the top of original tooth with resin fashioned to look like fangs. As it turns out, these vamp veneers represent one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry this summer.

For an investment of around $200 and 15 minutes you too can fool the world into believing you’re a Cullen.  But not without risk it would seem.  Some dentists believe these ‘fangs’ can harm a patient’s bite and can cause discomfort.  So before you schedule your appointment please consider.

More importantly: since when did any vampire in the Twilight saga actually have fangs? (via)