Conan: Media Executives ‘Scared S***less’ by the Web

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REUTERS/Mike Blake

Conan O’Brien as philosopher? Get used to it.

Techcrunch’s Sarah Lacy attended a Q&A with the ex-Tonight Show host this weekend in San Francisco and gives a fascinating rundown on the discussion.

Among the revelations? Conan opines that those in the media business — namely, TV executives — are “scared s***less” by the changes brought about by the Web and how he (and you!) should see this as an opportunity. The next TV comedian, Conan says, has a great chance of coming from the web, a distribution channel where they’re in control of their own content. Still, Lacy says Conan was careful to distinguish between talent and “making a spectacle” of oneself in the name of fame and attention.

But Lacy says the most touching moment was Conan talking about the realization that it doesn’t matter how many people watch your TV show or how long it airs — what matters most is the connection to fans. And in the end, Conan wanted to keep connecting. Lacy says he tossed the timer aside and stayed to take more questions from the audience.

Nice not to have anyone to pull the plug anymore, isn’t it, Conan? (via Techcrunch)